Janice helped me go through boxes of memorabilia from all parts of my life, through many moves and family ups and downs, and start to organize it, toss it, or donate it. I'm a pack rat from way-back and hold on to things for sentimental reasons, as well as concerns that I may need some unknown, yet essential document from the past. Janice is calm, focused, pleasant, professional, efficient, and helped me talk through and weigh the options of keeping or tossing items, or donating them (my preference is Out of the Closet), and how best to organize and store the saved ones, by category, so the items can be referred to, gone through, or found again when needed, in an organized way. It was a true relief to unload a lot of stuff that is unneeded, and file away things that feel more important to keep, and to have help in moving through those decisions. Janice is wonderful, I highly recommend her, and will keep working with her to get my studio apartment and life into a manageable, breathable space! Getting closer with each session!

Mary P.


Janice was great! She helped me unpack and get organized upon my move in and she really went above and beyond. Highly recommend!

Katie N.


Janice has been my office, home, and property management business organizer for 3 years. Each year, she has helped me organize my office to work more efficiently and, more importantly, organized my tax information for my tax preparer. She is diligent, punctual, professional, easy to work with, and in all areas, a true gem!

I H.


Very professional and prompt. I learned some great tips and feel prepared to conquer the clutter! She is very reasonably priced but provides the quality approach to get the job done efficiently and without too much stress. We went through a few mountains of paperwork and reduced 10 boxes down to just a few drawers of neatly labeled folders. She brought a handy label maker and offered to lug away the recycle and donation items. I would recommend to anyone! Thank you!



Janice is a miracle worker. I can't recommend her highly enough. My one-bedroom apartment had been drowning in clutter, with floors and surfaces covered in papers and junk. Janice helped me sort all of my items and, most importantly, create a filing system for the future so that everything I need has a "home" and things can be easily stored and accessed. After two sessions with her, my apartment looked immaculate, and the feeling was amazing. Janice herself is incredibly professional: ethical, confidential, and environmentally conscious. She discarded all of my e-waste, donated all of my unwanted clothing, and immediately emailed my donation receipts and detailed invoices. And best of all, she's just a good person -- friendly, courteous, and a delight to work with while she is in your home (for hours). If you're looking to hire someone to help you organize/declutter, this is THE place to go.

Justin V.


After 3 years of thinking about hiring a personal organizer for my digital life, I finally decided to do it. I often got caught up in worrying that my life was too hard for someone to just come in and understand. I found [Janice] and after a phone call, I felt like she got it. We met for 3 sessions and she worked with me to set up my quickbooks properly, organize my emails and set up a method for calendars. It felt great to have someone help with this outside of my friends and family, so I could approach it more seriously and make sure to make the time for it.

I loved working with [Janice] and will definitely continue to reach out to her for her work. She was always on time, pleasant and super helpful. I think personal organizing is something we should all have in our lives.

K. B.


I interviewed 3 organizers; Janice had great rates, references, and she was the most comfortable to talk to. Very calm, precise, helpful, talks everything through - a total pro. I had 3 4-hr sessions and it's pretty much life-changing. Do yourself a favor and hire this person to help you organize!

John D.


Janice has worked with me only three times (with more to work scheduled) and I can already feel a huge weight / literally pounds taken off my shoulders. Her organizing help has moved my daily life into a flow and I can't wait to improve every area of my business and house with her. She is very professional, timely, trustworthy,and lovely to have around. She's also great with kids, organizing their room with their input in a practical, no-nonsense way. She even hauls donations off to a charity for you and sends you the receipt - what a great service! All included in her fee and time. I highly recommend her for her practicality and people skills. I look forward to the next organizing session with her as I feel so much lighter afterwards. Wonderful investment - a great way to start the year much lighter. Thank you, Janice!!

Karin K.


Janice is professional, prompt, practical and over all amazing! She helped me get my inbox from 99million emails to a logical amount with simple steps and follow up encouragement. The practices she implemented for my bill paying have literally changed my life. Janice is the best investment I made all year!

Emily S.


What an amazing experience! Janice did a great job organizing my kids room. My favorite part was she included the kids and gave them the power to make choices and participate in organizing their room. I love the kids new room and the suggestions and level of proffesionalism. Great experience. Highly recommended.

Sogema M.

If your a small business owner, a freelancer or artist who can't quite stay on top of the paperwork, Janice is THE PERSON for you. I was in desperate need of someone to come in and get my business in order. In just one session, Janice got me back on track. She is super knowledgable, professional, and very patient.
Thanks Janice! I will definitely use your services again.
Evans W.

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